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How has Your Lover Inspired You?

I think that, in order to write a reasonably organized blog post, you must not only have an idea, but you must not have too many ideas at once.

That thought occurs to me this morning because I am having too many ideas.  No sooner have I begun to explore one idea than another rushes up, clamoring for attention.   I become distracted and start exploring the newcomer.  Yet, just as quickly as before, another idea presents itself — and so on.

So why is this happening to me?

My day did not begin so complicated.  I woke up, made coffee, and sat down at my computer as if it were any normal day.  And, at first, it was indeed a normal day for nothing immediately came to me.  I sipped my coffee and waited.

It was then I made my mistake.  I got to thinking of TJ, of what a beautiful person she is, and of some of the things we’ve discussed.  Just like that, the ideas began flooding in.

It seems my friend inspires me.

Yet, that’s not so uncommon, is it?  Lovers often inspire us.  Obviously, it can be one of the nicer benefits of being in love with someone who loves you.  So I am wondering this morning whether you would be willing to share how one of your lovers has inspired you?

6 thoughts on “How has Your Lover Inspired You?”

  1. She inspired me how to write poems for her even though i never wrote poems before. She taught me how to love without telling me how to do it. Her soul just guided me and her smile encouraged me. And the most important thing, i knew that i can be myself 100% when i’m with her. Although we are not together anymore but she inspire me daily and in every moment on my life, and i know for sure that if i have wrote pages and pages about her it won’t be enough, that’s why i think i should just mention few points of how she inspired me.

    I know that i can never love like this before. Maybe because it was my first love? who knows!


  2. Hmm….

    First of all..I think you are experiencing what they call “a.d.d” LOL In the first part of your entry..I think “a.d .d” has gotten a bad fact drop the “disorder ” part of it..(as far as Im concerned)Well..and the other parts as well..Just leave the “attention part”..

    So you are paying “attention”..Thats what I gather..

    How do lovers “inspire us”..LET me count the ways!!

    Myself personally..???Everything from wanting to live for no other reason to wanting to comitt suicide for no other reason!

    Im sorry if that is harsh..But it is the truth…for me..and that is the cost of “allowing” myself to feel..

    That is the “tender” part of love…

    As we grow we learn though..And with that.. you start to “deweed” your self..maybe you might stop thinking of your self just a little bit..

    You or I may start to”appreciate love” for what it is..

    I’m of the belief it in fact will “inspire” you one way or another..that is the gift of love..(lovers)

    That is just my humble opinion..




  3. LOL!
    The day after the day my girlfriend and I first kissed, I had my weekly lesson of conversational Persian. My teacher was flabbergasted at the sudden increase in fluency of my Persian.
    (the effect doesn’t last BTW)


  4. Paul, do you know how beautiful it is to see you all tangled up in your love.
    This seems so pure and I can see you have never been so much in love before.
    And all this makes me want to find someone to fall so much in love with. 🙂


  5. @ Usha: Thank you so much! I’m worried I might become a bore discussing my love for her at such length.

    You are so insightful, Usha! I agree I have never been in love quite like this before. I’ve been putting it down to my greater maturity and mental and emotional health these days. But how did you see that? I don’t recall saying anything like that. I’m impressed with your powers of perception.

    Usha, I’ve been thinking about this for several minutes now and still I cannot think of anyone more worth loving than you. So, if you decide to fall in love with someone, you would be giving someone such a wonderful gift!


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