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The Mists

The Mists

“Do you want me or my body“, she asks,
Turning to you in the mist,
Where she’s both naked and obscured.

Yet it’s not so simple as that

You know how one moment in love
You feel so urgent for her
It parts the veil of your desires
And you see her.

And you know how one moment in love
You crave so much the pleasures of love
You want not her but the pleasures,
And the veil descends.

The mists, the mists are always swirling
When in love.

Now they gather to obscure,
Yet, now they part some to reveal.
No lasting love is ever pure,
Nor is true love always real.

8 thoughts on “The Mists”

  1. rebuttal..

    To say that I love Emma, “… more than life itself.”

    Would, to me, be circular. I couldn’t love if I were dead.

    I love her more than my nymphicus hollandicus, my little birdie ‘elf’,

    For Emma is a primate and doesn’t ‘actually’ shit on my head.

    (hmmm.. needs cleaing up a bit)


  2. I would think….Do you wnat me or my body is based on a womans feeling she is with a man pig who just want to get it on all the time..

    His “yearning” in his loins just aint gonna cut it…She has yearnings in her loins too..

    But a woman wants to feel protected and cherished..Not like a hunted deer!

    Passion is great it is AWESOME!! But not if the woman feels like she is being hunted down by a wildl crazed animal who thinks of nothing else but ..”mating”..




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