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Usha Apparently Suffering from Fever!


I am extremely alarmed this morning to discover that my good friend, Usha, over at Ageless Bonding, very recently suffered an uncharacteristic lapse of sound judgment during which she granted me The Flower Smeller Award.

My alarm, however, has not rendered me above taking advantage of her in her obvious moment of delirium.  That’s to say, I have already proudly hoisted the award in my sidebar, and I intend to keep it. Thank you so much, Usha!  And I wish you a speedy recovery.

I am going to immediately pass this award on to Thalia, over at The Sacred Whore, and to Ordinary Girl over at Tales of an Ordinary Girl.  Both bloggers are beautiful spirits who I believe know the value of taking time to smell the flowers on life’s journey.  Moreover, both have an active interest in discovering new things, which fits perfectly with the Award’s slogan of  “One Journey, Many Discoveries”.  Thank you for your wonderful blogs, you two!

6 thoughts on “Usha Apparently Suffering from Fever!”

  1. Thank you, Paul! I appreciate this act of generosity from you, and so I wish you all the best in your own journey. You continue to enlighten me in many ways, and I so love our camaraderie.

    Thank you again. XOXOXO


  2. hahahha. I haven’t had a greater moment of lucidity than the time I thought of you as the most suitable candidate for this award.
    So please wish that I don’t recover from this state whatever it is.


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