What Will those Clever French Think of Next?

I spent Christmas this year with my brother, sister-in-law and my two nephews.  Among some other nice presents, they got me a coffee grinder.

I’m so happy now because trying to chew those hard little beans every morning was making me pessimistic about the coming day.  Now I can munch on all the coffee I want!

I noticed something weird though when I was at their home — they don’t actually chew their beans!  Not at all.  Instead, they boil them in water.  Then, they discard the beans and suck on the water!  I can only suspect they must have learned such an elaborate and complicated custom from a decadent Frenchman.

If so, what will those clever, but decadent French think of next?  Maybe bath water you don’t heat with your own body? Where will it all end?

4 thoughts on “What Will those Clever French Think of Next?”

  1. It is also believed that the French have invented a type of woman who moves rapidly in bed, leaving the man (or men) nothing to do except smoke Gauloises and sip on some cognac.
    This phenomenon is somewhat wrongly called the French Revolution.


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