A Handful of Dollars

Yesterday, I went to the art store to fetch some supplies and wound up spending $40 on just four items.  A couple cans of fixative, some liquid frisket, and a package of blending stumps.

Although I didn’t need any drawing pencils, I noticed they were going for $1.50 each.  Consequently, I have decided to prick my finger and use my own blood to sketch with from now on, given that it’s cheaper these days to get a transfusion than it is to lay in a decent supply of graphite.

I’m curious what art supplies are going for elsewhere.  Does anyone know?

8 thoughts on “A Handful of Dollars”

  1. Our academic town of Normal used to have two art supply stores downtown. Now there is a redevelopment project that calls it “Uptown Normal”. There are lots of restaurants, coffee shops, a completely superfluous hotel, but no art supply stores at all.

    Now you have to drive out to a strip mall and go to a “craft store” to get art supplies.


  2. Paul – since you have now got your blending stumps and fixative, have you ever bought powdered graphite to use as a drawing medioum. I buy mine as a small tube from the local Automotive supply store – the graphite is used to lubricate locks, etc, and the tube comes with a small nipple which dispenses graphite in the amounts rou desire to use. Combine the graphite, stumps and erasers of all kinds and you have a lovely, non-pencil way of working tonally with graphite. It is messy, but a beautiful manner of using the material. G


  3. suburbanlife – “powdered graphite to use as a drawing medioum. I buy mine as a small tube from the local Automotive supply store”

    Yeah, you’d be surprised at what you can find cheaper if you find it someplace other than a specialty (in this case, art supply) store.

    – M. \”/


  4. @ George: Yikes! I bet the mall stores don’t carry half the supplies the old stores did.

    @ Suburbanlife: Thank you so much for the tip. I went Saturday and bought some mechanic’s graphite for just $1.29 — less than the cost of a pencil.


  5. If you have any dollar stores in the area, you might get in the habit of checking them out periodically. If you do, try to get out of the habit of seeing stuff as what it’s marketed as, and into the habit of seeing *what it could be…* Lots of potential art materials in those places.

    – M. \”/


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