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A Drawing of Don and Becky


I found this old pencil sketch when taking inventory of my drawing papers last night.  It’s of my friends Don and Becky.  In it, I recall I was trying to describe a contradiction, and that I had a difficult time doing it.

First, I wanted to describe — in emotional terms — the timelessness of romantic love.  The way it is taken up again and again by every generation. Or at least something like that. I was more guided by intuition than by reason here.

Second, I wanted to point to — in emotional terms — the uniqueness of romantic love.  The way it is each time new and unique to each couple and individual.   Again,  this was more intuitive than reasoned out.  I’m not very good at planning, but I usually work from an intuitive sense of where I want to go.

I guess as far as I’m concerned, I succeeded.  Because that is what this image more or less conveys to me.  But I certainly don’t expect it to convey the same meanings to everyone else.   In fact, I would be surprised if it conveyed any meaning at all to most people.

2 thoughts on “A Drawing of Don and Becky”

  1. I think it conveyed that meaning to me because my first thought on seeing the sketch was
    Two people who are in love.
    And then I thought
    These are Paul’s friends.
    So I guess you captured the genrality and uniqueness rather well.


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