My Cute Sketchbook is — Missing!

It seems impossible, but I have just discovered my cute sketchbook is — missing!  (Please feel free to gasp appropriately.)

No, not my large sketchbook that I never take anywhere.  My large sketchbook is right where I left it, propped open to the tasteful nude on page 60.  However, my cute sketchbook, the sketchbook that I am wont to throw in my backpack and take with me when I head downtown is — missing!

How can anything go missing in my tiny apartment?  How is that even possible?  This sort of thing simply cannot happen!  Besides, a man has a right to know where his sketchbook is!

I discovered my cute sketchbook missing when I began work on a portrait of TJ.  I thought I would do some rough sketches of her first so as to get the hang of her, so to speak.  But when I reached for my cute sketchbook, it was — missing!

Naturally, my first thought was I had accidentally cooked and eaten it, since that would explain the acute case of indigestion I suffered last week after suicidally consuming yet another one of my home cooked meals.  But on reflection, I recalled how that day I had absent-mindedly forgone reading the directions on a box of macaroni and cheese and, consequently, had understandably boiled the macaroni and cheese while still in its box.  I reasoned that probably explained the indigestion, so I felt I could safely rule out having eaten my cute sketchbook.  But if I hadn’t eaten it, where could it have gone?

My next thought was, as you might expect, that my dog had chewed it up.  No sooner did I think that, than I was immediately incensed with the beast for destroying my artwork.  But just in the nick of time, before I could punish him for his crime, I remembered I don’t have a dog.  That realization, however, depressed me because I have always wanted a dog.  Consequently, I spent a good part of the next hour lying under my computer table too apathetic to come out and search for my cute sketchbook.

When I finally did come out, my cute sketchbook was nowhere to be found.  And that brings you up to date on the tragedy.  I am at wits end where it can be.  I can only hope it has been taken in by a kind family and is being used in an ethical manner.

4 thoughts on “My Cute Sketchbook is — Missing!”

  1. I hope you found it Paul. While I cannot bear to see you so distraught at having lost it I am actually secretly happy that you did because this is one utterly delightful piece of writing from you.


  2. Hi Usha! Thank you so much for the compliment! I have indeed found it! It was several books down in a stack of them. Now I feel ashamed to have blamed my dog, even though I don’t have one.


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