How Do You Motivate Yourself in Winter?

It’s a late winter’s morning here and I have been having some trouble waking up.  In a few moments I am going to boil up some ground coffee, discard the beans, and then suck on the water in the French manner.   But before that, I was wondering if anyone else has trouble getting started in winter?

6 thoughts on “How Do You Motivate Yourself in Winter?”

  1. You are lucky that this happens to you only on a late winter’s morning. For me it can happen on any morning – it seems such a waste to vacate the bed that I have spent 7/8 hours nicely warming. The comfort seems too good to give up easily. It is almost like getting out of a cocoon that is so secure.
    Now I need something that can be better than this to get me out of this right?
    so I think of a nice and aromatic cup of tea and imagine how it would warm my mouth and then slowly trickle down the throat all the way down warming my insides and the sweet taste in the mouth in its after math. And I begin to crave it.
    That is a good motivation.
    Sometimes I think of the joy of being alone in the park where I take my morning walk with just that lone kingfisher and brahmany Kite for company and witnessing the first rays of the sun break through the white clouds and that motivates me too.
    Most of the time it is just my dog who pulls the rug of me and starts licking me forcing me to get up and run after her.


  2. The fact that I will become one of the numbers in the next batch of unemployment statistics if I don’t get me arse out of bed and get to work is a miraculous motivator. On my days off, what gets me out of bed is knowing that Happy Hour, while it very nearly writes itself, doesn’t quite compile itself yet, and I just can’t quite bring myself to disappoint my readers. When they look up at you with those big, sad eyes like that…

    Well, there’s that, and the fact that the cat likes to stick her back fur up my nose about that time of day…


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