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Saturday’s Nude for January 10, 2009


Sneaking Through the Light” by Jim Young

This week’s nude by Jim Young seems to make innovative use of both pose and lighting to create a rather interesting and sophisticated emotional statement.  Either that’s true or I should not have begun drinking rum at midnight.

8 thoughts on “Saturday’s Nude for January 10, 2009”

  1. Since I’m gay, I do appreciate the picture. But most womyn would agree on the lack of equality when it’s only women’s bodies showing nude, and never men’s. (I linked you to my not-gay weblog, hope you don’t mind)


  2. Thanks, Paul! Rum at midnight certainly enhances the search process. 🙂

    Hi Boudecca! Welcome to the blog! There seems to be some misunderstanding, though. The fact is, I am not at all interested in establishing an equality between how many male nudes I post and how many female nudes I post. Instead, my primary concern is to post great nudes of either gender.


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