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Tuomas Holopainen by Priscila Alanis


Tuomas Holopainen by Priscila Alanis

Pencils:  6H, HB, 2B, 4B, 6B, 7B, and 9B
Paper: Canson Tamanho A3

I think this is a superb work in which Alanis brilliantly describes many different textures.  You would not be able to tell it from this drawing, but she is not accustomed to the 7B and 9B pencils.  Although she is young, she strikes me as an artist to watch.  Then, again, I am drinking a freshly ground  Hawaiian Kona blend of coffee and consequently I think everything is brilliant this morning.

10 thoughts on “Tuomas Holopainen by Priscila Alanis”

  1. That is absolutely outstanding. And I’m not just saying that because I’ve wanted to – ah, how do I put this delicately – um, experience Tuomas in ways that would make even Anais Nin blush.

    I thought it was a photograph. The fact that Priscila could manage this with pencil is absolutely incredible. My shot glass is thoroughly tipped to her!

    And thank you, my dearest Paul, for providing me beauty just when I needed it most. First your wonderful self-portrait, and now this – my soul feels a lot better.


  2. Hello. I happen to stop by via David Rochester’s blog and had to comment on this sketch. Its amazing…

    This artist has really captured the free-spirit within the eyes of the subject and I agree- the texturing is wonderful.


  3. jätkä minä rakastan sinua, olen ikuisesti sinun fani, koska et ole kaunis, koska suurin osa ihailee se riitä et suuri muusikko.


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