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Kurt Cobain by Jenna Bastable


Kurt Cobain by Jenna Bastable

Pencils: 2h through 8b
Paper: Not Specified

Jenna Bastable is a 17 year old pencil artist from New Zealand who is currently intent on developing her skills at realism.  I admire her ability — which is on display in the above work — to create a portrait that comes very close to photorealism without loosing its integrity as a pencil work.  I consider that an impressive accomplishment.  Also, I can’t help but notice her shading is superb and renders Cobain’s skin with a warmth — almost a glow — that I’ve seldom enough seen, but which can be one of the attractions of working in graphite.  So far as I can tell, there’s not a shade nor tone out of place in this work.  I think she’s a brilliant, dedicated young artist and I fully expect her to run away to the big city someday where she will fall in league with a gang of international jewel theives and forget art altogether — for that is so typically the tragedy of our species.   However, until that day comes, I plan to follow her career.

3 thoughts on “Kurt Cobain by Jenna Bastable”

  1. I am amazed by the skill involved in making drawings such as this and the last one you posted.

    I do not view portraits (whatever medium, photography included) as telling me anything about the person seen in them. Assuming they are accurate, they tell me what the person looked like at a given moment in time. I do not get personality, character, or anything else from them, never have.

    So, having see photos of Mr. Cobain, I am impressed by the skill of the artist, and that’s about it.


  2. Hi Twoblueday! I believe an artist can incorporate clues about a person’s personality or character into their portraits. I agree with you that Jenna’s skill is exceptional.

    Hi Paul! I agree that 17 is very young for this level of skill.


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