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The Ninth Annual Weblog Awards

Two frequent readers of Café Philos each have a special interest this year in the net’s longest running blog awards program: The Weblog Awards (sometimes called “The Bloggies”).

Stevo, over at Asian Ramblings, is one of five finalists in the competition for “Best Asian Weblog”.  Stevo now and then rambles this way to post a comment or two on Café Philos, and he is consistently upbeat and encouraging.  Asian Ramblings is a fine blog with superb photography.

Karen, an editor over at Blog Nosh Magazine, is a finalist in no less than two categories this year.  First, Blog Nosh Magazine is a finalist in “Best Designed Weblog” and second, a finalist in “Best New Weblog”.  Blog Nosh Magazine republishes the best posts from blogs around the net.  It’s a great place to discover blogs you like.  Karen reads Café Philos frequently and drops off a typically wise and insightful comment now and then.

Please consider taking a moment to go to the Weblog Awards site and vote for both of these fine bloggers.

6 thoughts on “The Ninth Annual Weblog Awards”

  1. Thanks for the kudos and the votes, Paul! I’m hoping we’ll win something because I want all of my fellow editors at Blog Nosh to come to Austin for SXSW Interactive where the award will be given! Woohoo! Any chance you’ll be coming down in March for SX?


  2. We did a post on stevo, too. Isn’t that great!!

    I checked out Blog Nosh Magazine, and I liked it very much. Thought, in fact, that I might submit some pieces to it. I like the way there is a cohesiveness to it, the various themes but also just the quality of the work.


  3. Glad you like Blog Nosh so much! Certainly submit something! You’re welcome to submit something appropriate to the Personal section directly to me (, or something else to the editors-in-chief (

    I’ve had the pleasure of publishing not one, but two of Paul’s old fabulous old posts there, and look forward to doing so again in the future.


  4. We are always honored to have you, Paul, over at Blog Nosh Magazine. Thank you for taking the time to mention our categories! The Bloggies have been a great source of exposure for our writers and editors, so far, so it really has been an honor just to be nominated.

    But we totally want to win. 😉


  5. @ Karen: Someday I’ve got to visit Austin. Everything I hear about that city is beautiful. I don’t think I’ll make it this March, though.

    @ Ybonesy: I’m glad Stevo is getting the write ups he deserves! 🙂

    @ Megan: I agree it’s an honor just to make the finals. I fully hope you win, but next time I have a beer, I’m going to tip it to Blog Nosh just to salute how far it’s come!


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