Spring Can Come Now, If It Pleases

Yesterday was cold, but a wind has been blowing in the night, bringing in warmer air, and it is now a degree above freezing at five in the morning.  With heat waves like this, winter is all but spoiled for me.  Consequently, I tire of it and wish it were over.

5 thoughts on “Spring Can Come Now, If It Pleases”

  1. It’s currently 19 degrees ourside my door with a foot of ice and snow. I was tired of winter before the first snowflake ever fell this season. I wish it gone. I’m ready for spring weather.


  2. You’d be fine here in South Australia right now if you like minimal clothing. Yesterday was 114F here with an overnight ‘low’ of 93F. You can have it and welcome. I’ll take a degree above freezing and welcome it 🙂


  3. zenuria: “…I’ll take a degree above freezing and welcome it…”

    That would be here, in the City of the Humongous Croquet Wicket, this afternoon. It’s been fairly sunny, and a bit of the snow is melting. What didn’t evaporate today will re-freeze tonight.

    – M. \”/


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