Late Night Thoughts

Another Late Night Thought

Some millions of years ago, we shared a common ancestor with the bonobo and the chimpanzee. It seems in all likelihood that ancestor was capable of lying. How do we know that? Because we, bonobos, and chimpanzees are all capable of lying. Lying — or misdirection — is therefore among the oldest forms of communication.

When discussing the methods of science, many philosophers of science, and many scientists, fail to mention that one of the most important functions of those methods is to guard against and correct lies. Lying is so deeply ingrained in our species that we must develop very rigorous and special methods of inquiry to, with any reasonable assurance, get at even some of the simplest truths.

4 thoughts on “Another Late Night Thought”

  1. You mean someone could have invented a lie, “Goddidit,” and perpetrated it because they had a vested interest in people believing that lie? HMMNNN. . . Nah, just too far fetched.


  2. When I hear about “lying,” my mind turns to a joke made usually at the expense of lawyers: “How do you tell when a lawyer is lying? When his lips move.”

    Probably could substitute “human being” for “lawyer” and be just as accurate.


  3. “Probably could substitute “human being” for “lawyer” and be just as accurate.”

    Probably could substitute “primate” for “lawyer” and be almost as accurate.

    – M. \”/


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