Late Night Thoughts

Just a Late Night Thought

Suppose god was created according to discoverable laws of physics in the first few nanoseconds following the big bang.

Further suppose we developed the technology to not only replicate the events that created god, but to modify the events in such a way we could create our own “designer gods”.

Last, suppose we were to create designer gods that did specific things for us. Such as designer gods that did nothing but power faster than light space ships. Or designer gods that did nothing but cure diseases. Or designer gods that did nothing but turn hatreds into loves.

In other words, imagine a future in which humanity has created a pantheon of gods that serve its needs in exchange for a few prayers and the sacrifice of a goat every now and then.

8 thoughts on “Just a Late Night Thought”

  1. It must have been very, very late!

    Anyway, anything that came out of the big bang is something that is -by definition- not called God.

    Having said that:

    “designer gods that did nothing but turn hatreds into loves”

    That idea has been invented before under the name ‘the kingdom of heaven’, and according to the inventor, it didn’t require designer gods, just people willing to redesign themselves.

    It’s not just the Spanish Inquisition that you never expect…


  2. That would be an odd scifi movie: literal creation of gods (as compared to literary creation of gods, or creating biological creatures that are so magnificent and powerful that you could feel free to call them “gods” if you felt so inclined). It has my interest.


  3. @ Shirhashirim: Interesting! I hadn’t thought of it that way.

    @ Asylum Seeker: Perhaps it would also make a novel?

    @ Twoblueday: Get some sleep? Never!

    @ Leguru: I believe Acme Gods, Inc. accepts sacrifices on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

    @ Paul: A god of curing hangovers is an absolute must!

    @ Meowlin: True, polytheism was once the norm, wasn’t it.


  4. Paul: “polytheism was once the norm, wasn’t it.”

    Yep. Though there were the occasional minor monotheistic cults (as I understand it, the Hebrews back BCE didn’t believe their god was the only god… just the only god for *them*), monotheism didn’t get big until the 4th or 5th century CE.

    – M. \”/


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