A Late Night Thought on Education

When a wise person says education is the key to our future, he or she often means tomorrow’s adults must be educated well enough to advance their interests and the interests of society.

When a politician, pundit or preacher says education is the key to our future, they often mean tomorrow’s adults must be dumbed down enough to advance the interests of politicians, pundits, and preachers.

2 thoughts on “A Late Night Thought on Education

  1. I cringe when I hear politicians talking about “Education.” These are the folks who, over time, have ordered parents to send their children to school, ordered the children to go, and imposed penalties if they do not. It’s basically like a military draft. Having done that, they have decided to make “Education” a buzz-word, and woefully underfunded the system.

    I sometimes think we’d be better off without mandatory public education.


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