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The Republican War on Obama?

According to Andrew Sullivan and a few others, it would seem the Republicans have decided to wage war on President Obama.  If that is indeed the case, then the stakes are pretty high.

In the first place, the stakes are high because a successful Obama Administration could realign the electorate for years to come — much as both FDR and Ronald Reagan accomplished.   Perhaps the Republicans are calculating they either must make Obama fail or themselves be reduced to a minority party for years or decades.

In the second place, the stakes are high because making Obama fail means in practice prolonging the recession so that more people will be put out of work, more people will loose their homes and assets, and more people will be plunged into misery.

Consequently, if Sullivan and others are right, the Republicans intend to further wreck the country — along with a good chunk of the world — for their own political gain.

7 thoughts on “The Republican War on Obama?”

  1. The notion of “public service” is anathema to the GOP. They could not behave much differently if their fondest dream was to make the world untenable within the lifetimes of their current aging fascists.


  2. Pretty scary but entirely believable if you listen to the rhetoric. It’s the scorched earth policy, except someone forgot that it’s not a policy that should be applied to ones self.

    R(etc… )


  3. They better be careful because this kind of shit could cause violent response from the masses who have lost everything — jobs, homes, retirement funds… all while these bastards keep the firemen from putting out the fire.

    I was and am livid that we can’t arrest these people for treason. To sand bag the country in time of emergency is treason!

    This is not the America I signed up for–a bunch of sheep who let a few bullies push us completely off the cliff so they can tell the morons that it was Obama that failed


  4. I’m pretty sure we don’t have to take the Repubs seriously anymore. They’re hell bent on making the country better for the upper class at the detriment of the rest of the country. It’s just sad they have duped so many of lower classes.


  5. I’m not sure I would call it treason but I think subversion pretty much covers it but it’s just semantics at that point. Either way, the sand box is becoming the litter box…

    R(etc… )


  6. The Republicans (in Congress – both House and Senate – anyway; not so much the Governors) are now claiming credit for something they:

    1 – obstructed, and
    2 – claimed, before it passed, to have had NO input on.

    An example – Sen. Kit Bond (senior Senator, MO) is now claiming credit for several projects in MO under the stimulus package that are now providing jobs for MO citizens. But before it passed, one of the Republican “talking points” in opposing the legislation was the “fact” that Repubs supposedly had _no_ input on the bill.

    And… Bond voted against it.

    Nuh-uh, Kit. You can’t have it both ways.Either you participated in and supported this package, or you didn’t.Your vote is on the record. Did you think Missouri voters are dense enough not to remember what you were saying LAST WEEK?

    If you want to do the right thing for your constituents, Sen. Bond, I suggest you RESIGN. Immediately. And let the new (Democratic) Governor of Missouri appoint your successor.

    – M. \”/


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