Late Night Thoughts

A Late Night Thought on Mentoring

A friend has a five year old who has set himself to the task of creating a book about Batman. An adult can look at that kid and see both that he is learning how to undertake projects and bring them to completion, and that the skills he develops now will be of value to him much later in life.

The kid himself, however, does not see things in the same light as the adult, and does not recognize the full significance of what he is accomplishing.

In the same way, and for the same reasons, a teen or young adult will do things only a much older adult can recognize the full significance of. And sometimes about all the older adult can say that the younger person is more or less sure to understand is, “Good job!”

2 thoughts on “A Late Night Thought on Mentoring”

  1. But it is presumptuous for us to think we know what use we will have tomorrow for the preoccupations, projects, endeavors, obsessions we engage in today. I’m sure my math teachers thought it a sign of mathematical brilliance that I excelled at the slide rule. Alas, I am a mathematical moron without it.


  2. What I mean is, as a adults, we may look back in hindsight at children and teens and all the learning they will later apply, but as adults, we too are doing learning that we too will apply in completely unforeseen ways in a completely, and increasingly, unpredictable future.


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