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Good News! The Republicans are Our Saviors Now!

Yesterday,  someone wrote to me with the following exciting news, which I pass on to you without comment:

“…[V]ote Republican in 2010, because the Republican Party has no ‘permanent Washington’ to speak of; has stripped most of its moderate/liberal members from the party, completely re-organized (that is to say it is almost entirely without lobbyists and other insiders any more…they’ve all been fired) and to stop immediately Washington D.C.’s back-door deals with the upper-echelon of Businesses and let the Businesses properly recapitalize on their own in a competitive environment.”

“Michael Steele is a true Statesman; who has flushed out the Republican upper-echelon that had become entrenched in Washington Politics; the result is a highly conservative party, low government involvement; low economic invasiveness, which will allow the US economy to function at its best competitive levels comparable to the 1800s. While the US can never return to the day of nationalist economics like in the 1800s it can certainly return to a competitive investor-savvy economy that stimulates growth and business WORLD WIDE.”

4 thoughts on “Good News! The Republicans are Our Saviors Now!”

  1. So…vote Republican, because it is more conservative than ever and falling apart at the same time? Well…they are offering me an 1800’s quality economy. I’ll be rolling in the corn pone, gunpowder, and slaves in no time!


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