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Slightly New Look

I’ve adopted a new theme for the blog.  How do you like it?

UPDATE: I’ve changed back to the old theme. The new one had some nice features, but I just prefer this one a little better.

9 thoughts on “Slightly New Look”

  1. Nice… clear and uncluttered, and I like the new (or is it recropped?) photo. On the downside I’d say that there are rather a lot of different fonts and text sizes which I always find a bit distracting. And I do miss the page navigation tabs – a shame so few wordpress themes have them!


  2. Paul, The new look is professional and clean. Looks nice. 🙂

    Yet honestly, it is so crisp that it takes away a sense of ‘artistic ease’ I had here before. I am not able to put my finger on exactly what it is. 😦


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