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Bluebells by Janine Flynn


Bluebells by Janine Flynn

Pencil reproduced as a Giclee print on photorag paper.

I’m very attracted to this work for its wonderful description of sunlight, which the artist has made almost tangible.  It is also a beautifully balanced composition, and the only thing I can discern missing from the work is a nude or two romping towards us through the flowers.  Of course, I firmly believe all art should have a romping nude or two somewhere in the composition, so my opinion on that might not be quite so rational as I could wish.

4 thoughts on “Bluebells by Janine Flynn”

  1. Hi Miquie and Paul,

    Thank you both for your kind comments; I’m glad that you’ve both enjoyed this piece.

    It probably doesn’t completely satisfy your preference for the inclusion of nudes Paul, but I’ve often felt that the darker tones on two of the tree trunks are strongly suggestive of figures raising their branches skywards. It is a bit like those ink blot tests though; perhaps you see other things suggested in there that I’ve missed?

    kind regards,


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