I Am Annoyed — and Quite Righteously So!

Like most of us, whenever I have the time, I typically spend it by working myself into a righteous frenzy of annoyance over the shocking ignorance contained in the notion that human sperm is “seed”.   As it happens, I have the time this morning.  Hence, I am annoyed.  Very annoyed.  In a bit of a frenzy, actually.  Can you tell?

Frankly, it’s quite obvious our ancestors failed to grasp the proper roles of men and women in our reproduction.  How our ancestors ever managed to reproduce while misleadingly calling human sperm “seed” is an unsolvable mystery.  At the very best — and I am trying to be charitable here — to call human sperm “seed” is abominable poetry.  But more likely, it is a miserable transgression against every baby born to humanity in the last two thousand generations since people first began the loathsome practice of calling human sperm “seed”.   Indeed, it’s enough to annoy a person.

No doubt even President Obama is annoyed — deeply annoyed — by the continual references made even in great literature and commercial advertisements to human sperm as “seed”.  I know I am.

Pollen!  If one is going to draw an analogy between animal sperm and plant sperm, then the correct metaphor for human sperm would most certainly NOT be “seed”,  but rather “pollen”.   How utterly annoying to call human sperm “seed” when we mean to be calling it “pollen”!

Please, folks, consider writing your elected representative today and protest the erroneous use of “seed” when referring to human sperm.  Together, we can bring about the change we believe in.  Thank you!

14 thoughts on “I Am Annoyed — and Quite Righteously So!”

  1. Luckily reproduction does not depend on correct knowledge of the process. In fact, if the statistics from Texas are any indication, lack of correct knowledge is a boon to reproduction.


  2. Actually the idea of “seed” devalues the woman’s contribution. Soil contributes only nutrients to a growing plant. Mother contributes half of the resulting person’s physical makeup, plus nutrients, plus protection and love.


  3. George.w, I could argue, quite effectively, that the mother contributes more than half of a person’s physical makeup on the grounds that chromosomes do not “make up” a person. DNA doesn’t build a body, it responds to the environment, so the uterine environment is very important to the activation of gene sequences.


  4. Well, to be fair, both penguins share sitting on the egg. It does get complicated, doesn’t it? But seed, yet, that’s about as concrete as, say, dumbass. My dumbass dad fucked my dumbass mom and so here’s dumbass me. Reminds me for some reason of Vladimir Putin looking across the Bering Strait and saying “Oh, those awful curtains!” What is wrong with my brain today? Too much pollen in the air? Hay fever? Are antihistamines useful as birth control?


  5. “Are antihistamines useful as birth control?”

    Take enough of them, and they’re even somewhat retroactively effective.

    – M. \”0


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