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Bear Lake at Sunrise by Gale Rainwater


Bear Lake at Sunrise by Gale Rainwater

Bear Lake is located in Rocky Mountain National Park near Estes Park, Colorado.

14 thoughts on “Bear Lake at Sunrise by Gale Rainwater”

  1. mps: “I would crop the twigs in the lower left corner.”

    As long as you’re doing that, I’d so something else as well.

    Stay tuned to your inbox, Paul…

    – M. \”/


  2. “I’m ok with those twings.” … “The twigs don’t bother me.” … “Excellent capture, perfect place at the perfect time”

    I agree. Which may be the reason, or part of the reason, why I haven’t gotten around to making the mods yet…

    – M. \”/


  3. I might just come take up the offer and knock on your door on of these days – beware!
    I am sure the pleasure of being there would be enhanced by being with one of my favorite persons in this world.


  4. Such a wonderful capture! Composition, reflection, and the glow in the clouds are amazing. I think the sunrise gods were definitely working in your favor that morning.

    I wonder though when this image was taken. I’m guessing by the snow melt that this was taken in July or August of the previous summer – so ’08. Is that correct?


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