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A Late Night Thought on People

It interests me how people can leave an aftertaste of themselves.  For instance, I spent the evening chatting online with TJ, and — for perhaps the hundreth time — I’ve noticed that she leaves me feeling clean, bouyant, optimistic.  Yet, those feelings can be in sharp contrast  to what certain other people leave me with.  Rush Limbaugh might be the worse for that.  Almost every time I listen to him — even for just a quarter hour — I come away feeling a bit dirty or in need of a shower.  Does anyone else notice these things?   Or am I once again being delusional?

8 thoughts on “A Late Night Thought on People”

  1. I don’t think you are the only person that responds to people in this way. I notice similar reactions myself.
    And I have no idea how you can stand to listen to that bloviator Limbaugh for more than 30 seconds!!!!


  2. I think you are right on as always Paul. I think a lot of it has to do with our own world view/perceptions/ideological view. In other words I would be surprised to hear you say that Rush makes you feel warm in fuzzy. That’s not to say people different from us are bad or anything, just that people seem to feel most comfortable around those that think in similar ways.


  3. @ Mike N. Welcome to the blog! 🙂

    @ Webs: That’s a great insight! When I think about it, it’s almost always something that is at least akin to an ideological difference that most often leaves me feeling repulsed.


  4. I seem to respond to people with my tastebuds – irritating people make me want to reach for oily and fatty food while I want my favorite foods like pasta and wine while with interesting and nice people


  5. Webs: “I would be surprised to hear you say that Rush makes you feel warm in fuzzy.”

    Rush sometimes makes me feel like I’ve been eaten by a bear…

    – M. \”0


  6. Rush can give us a sense of human indecency from time to time. I try to stay positive but it’s hard because there are so many examples. Like tonight I went to see a comedian, Rodney Carrington with my wife. He started talking about a long time friend of his that passed away. Then told some hilarious stories about him. And people had the f***ing nerve to hoot and holler while he talked about his dead friend. Seriously? You can’t wait till he’s done talking about his dead friend to yell s**t he wouldn’t be able to understand anyway?


  7. @ Usha: That’s quite fascinating! I’m going to need to observe myself and see if anything similar happens with me.

    @ Ordinary Girl: He’s also done that to me — briefly — at times. He can be quite saddening.

    @ Webs: Good Grief! The audience’s behavior was utterly unacceptable.


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