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A New Look!

I’ve been fiddling around with creating a new look for this blog.  My main goal is to post somewhat larger images, and I’ll probably be tweaking this template for some time.  Let me know what you think!

16 thoughts on “A New Look!”

  1. @ Final Transit: I am still tweaking the photo sizes, Priyank, but I should be able to get at least a 15% increase in the width of the largest photos I post with this new blog template. I tried it out on the photo of Bear Lake by Gail Rainwater — I deleted the size I had posted and uploaded a new size — only about 15% larger — yet I think the larger size is worth it.

    @ Pboyfloyd: LOL! Not to worry: Only the appearance is different. The blog content is the same old drivel I have posted for ages!

    @ Webs: Thank you for your kind offer of help! I am very likely to need some since I do not have any expertise with CSS — which is what I am using to tweak the blog.


  2. One thing, maybe find a way to put all the links etc in a side bar like before instead of emptiness on one side. Apart from that very swish.


  3. Hi Mat! The links are in the sidebar in my browser, which is Firefox. If they are not showing up in the sidebar on your browser, then I will have to tweak that. Which browser are you using?


  4. @ Paul: Thanks, Paul! If the links are down at the bottom, though, something has gone wrong with my plans. I intended the links to be in a sidebar to the right of the blog posts.

    @ Twoblueday: Thanks!

    @ Mat: The sidebar should still be the sidebar. But I guess some people are seeing it at the bottom rather than at the side. I only have two browsers — Firefox and IE — and in both of my browsers, the sidebar is to the side. So I don’t know what’s going on.


  5. The appearance of your blog really doesn’t matter much to me most of the times except when you post pictures. The rest of the time, I’m busy thinking of what you’ve written…and hardly notice the visual elements of your blog.

    This was supposed to be a compliment, and I know I’ve failed miserably. Aaarrgghhh!


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