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Saturday’s Nude for March 14, 2009


Sabrina by Stefan Söll

I came across this week’s nude on the DOMAI website.  The lighting here is superb — so much so that I am left wondering if this nude isn’t photoshopped.  Whatever the case, the result is beautiful — and a bit stunning.

I suppose in some sense this image is a lie even if it turns out the model is not photoshopped or airbrushed.  For how many women, no matter how beautiful they are in real life, are turned into sculpted goddesses by near perfect lighting?  So, should we discount this work because in some sense it might be a lie?

I myself do not think so.  Someone once said that, while politicians lie in order to deceive us, artists lie in order to tell us a truth.  To me, this work says several things that I think are true.  For instance, the model is shown to be dignified despite her nudity, which — if true — is a statement that boldly contradicts much popular thinking along the lines that dignity is incompatible with nudity.  So, for that and other reasons, I suspect this work is an example of an artistic lie told to reveal several truths.

Of course, I could be wrong about all that.   Yet, if I am wrong, why is the large invisible pink rabbit in the corner of my room nodding “yes” to me?  Just like he does every day when it is time for my meds?

11 thoughts on “Saturday’s Nude for March 14, 2009”

  1. I am lost as to why one would consider a photo edited by Photoshop or any photo editing program to be a “lie” in any sense. All photos are just photos, not the subject they portray. They are the result of technological processes.

    Of course, if I put a candidate for office, say a real hero, in a picture next to some horrible person, with the intent to show they are associates and thus the candidate is not worthy of office, when the two persons were never together at all, I am propounding a lie, but that’s different. But that’s not what you were talking about here.

    If I say a woman is beautiful, and you don’t think she is, I have not lied. If I use light and photographic post-processing to express the beauty I perceive, I see no intent to deceive there.


  2. The photo which resulted at the end of the process of creating it is art. That is the essence of this photo, is a truth that can be believed or denied, but probably not ignored… When the photo was taken, the state of this woman was captured at a point in time. Whether she was ‘beautiful’ at hat time is a matter of opinion, not fact. But she certainly is beautiful to me. And i credit the photographer for having the skill , luck, and camera equipment to capture this image. Domai has a well deserved reputation for photos of this quality.


  3. I suppose that if one wants to say a lie is anything done with an intention to deceive, then what artists do could be properly termed a lie. But if one wants to say a lie is anything done with an intention to deceive in order to take advantage of someone, then what artists do is usually not a lie.


  4. This is the photo I like more on the DOMAI nudes. I have much admiration for the photographer and the model SABRINA too. A very good piece of real-art.


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