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Ayya Khema on Love

“Actually, love is something entirely different. Just like intelligence is a quality of the mind, so love is a quality of the heart. We don’t just have intelligence when we have to solve a difficult mathematical equation; we don’t just have intelligence when we have to make logical connections; the mind remains intelligent whether we do that or not. It’s the same with love. The loving quality of the heart remains with us whether there’s anybody in front of us that we can actually extend that love to or not.”

Ayya Khema

5 thoughts on “Ayya Khema on Love”

  1. I have been thinking quite a lot lately about the extent to which metaphor has invaded language, invaded thought, and invaded reasoning in general.

    This sounds like a “heartless” quarrel, but I am just in a period of self-examination, so:

    All emotions and thoughts are in the brain, the mind. It seems that people have taken the metaphor as the heart as seat of the emotions so far into their language/mind that they have forgotten it is but a metaphor.

    Metaphors are entertaining in writing and speech, but should not, according to me, be accorded a higher place than they deserve.

    As for love, I have long maintained that love is a decision, not a palpitation of the “heart,” and that humans would be better off remembering that than carrying the “heart” metaphor too far.


  2. Yep. At least on a physiological level, those effects of “love” (or “anger” or “fear”) we attribute to the heart actually have more to do with the adrenal glands, and the rest of the endocrine system.

    – M. \”/


  3. @ Twoblueday: You make an excellent point that metaphors are often carried too far. Thanks for bringing that up!

    By the way, while I don’t think love is a conscious decision, I do think it is grounded in biological processes — such as neurochemistry.


  4. Two things:

    The first apparently said by Freud, “love is the only sane psychosis”

    The second from a book I recently read called ‘Fooled by Randomness’ by Nassim Taleb, “If you think you can control your emotions, think that some people also believe that they can control their heartbeat or hair growth”

    Now me, I’m not sure if Freud really knew what he was talking about, yet nonetheless I like his quote.

    As for the second, we do get to make choices for what we do in response to how we feel yet, I agree, we don’t really get to decide how we feel (which is sometimes a bummer and sometimes it is indeed a sane psychosis


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