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An Image by Gennadi Blohin


Untitled by Gennadi Blohin

The artist doesn’t mention his technique, but this appears to be photoshopped.

3 thoughts on “An Image by Gennadi Blohin”

  1. You did not imply that there is anything wrong with editing a photo (via Photoshop or any other program), but I thought I’d throw in a few more cents’ worth (I previously commented about this).

    It is likely that most images you see these days, particularly on the web, have been edited. From simple cropping on up to and including serious alteration. A few days ago, I sent a friend a picture of her 7 year old daughter, I got rid of a visible cold sore via editing.

    I posted a picture on Flickr yesterday (or the day before) of a building against a dramatically riled-up sky. The sky and the building were separate photos. In one way, it was just an artistic presentation, and, indeed, there are doubtless stormy skies around the building at times. I was also making a point about the folly of “religious” mega-structures, and the waste of money which could have helped the poor. I was not asking anyone to pay money, to proffer sexual favors, to vote a certain way, or to take action at all.

    Thus endeth the lesson


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