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An Irrational and Petty Talk Show Host Gets Abusive

For some years, Conservative talk show host Laura Ingraham has often come across to me as petty and irrational.  It wasn’t much of a surprise, then, that when Ingraham recently disagreed with blogger Meghan McCain’s political views, she illogically attacked McCain as “a Valley Girl gone awry” and a “plus-sized model.”

Just to be sure, the Meghan McCain referred to here is the daughter of John McCain, the Republican who lost to President Obama in 2008.  Meghan McCain writes a personal blog and also a political blog.  She has urged Republicans to seek compromise with Democrats rather than remain obstructionists, and that seems to upset Ingraham.

Unfortunately for Ingraham, her decision to play the fat card backfired.  McCain promptly appeared on the popular TV show, The View, armed with a withering counter-attack:

What do young women think when I speak my mind about politics and I want to have a political discussion about the ideological future of the Republican Party, and the answer is, “She’s fat, she shouldn’t have an opinion.” What kind of message are we sending young women?

Then, to leave no doubt about her disdain of Ingraham, McCain said, “She can kiss my fat ass”.

At first, Ingraham tried to dismiss McCain’s response by telling McCain she needed to “lighten up” and learn to deal with “satire” and “teasing”.

When the typical comeback of a bully didn’t work for her, Ingraham indulged in another bit of illogic.  In an email entitled, “Useful Idiot Watch” — a slander of McCain — Ingraham charged that McCain was at grevious fault for her (McCain’s) counter-attack being picked up by the Left and used to discredit Ingraham.   And that’s where the exchange between Ingraham and McCain seems to stand this morning.

So far as I can see, Ingraham owes McCain an apology — which will probably never happen.  But she also owes an apology to every woman and girl in her audience who has — or will — be judged by her figure, rather than by her brains, because folks like Laura Ingraham are doing their best to make acceptable an irrational and petty prejudice against people who lack a fashion model’s slender figure.

Most likely, that will also never happen.  Yet, that does not change the fact Laura Ingraham has shown herself to not only be petty and irrational, but also abusive.  The notion that a woman should be judged by her weight, and not by the merit of her opinions, when offering her views is a notion that belongs — if indeed it belongs anywhere — in a whore house where women are marketed almost solely on their bodies.  The only possible reason Ingraham had for raising McCain’s weight was to insult, demean, and belittle McCain.  Ingraham’s behavior has a name:  Abuse.   I for one don’t feel a need to tolerate it.

9 thoughts on “An Irrational and Petty Talk Show Host Gets Abusive”

  1. So now McCain knows how it feels to have someone say something nasty about your daughter? Because he said an AWFUL thing about Chelsea Clinton when she was just a kid. If I were Bill, I’d have tested whether a sitting President could punch out a Senator and get away with it.


  2. I didn’t know this Ingraham person was still in the public eye. Isn’t she the one who started out giving like family advice, and then went off into the right-wing-playbook to boost her ratings (after nude pix of her surfaced?)? She’s a mindless slug like the rest of this species of radio “personalities.”

    McCain should ignore her pitiful bleating.


  3. I suppose that a conservative calling for a ‘parley’ with the hated enemy is WORSE than the declared enemy to the whiz-bang nutbars.

    Yes, calling out McCain’s body type is childish but it’s surprising to me that she didn’t call her a rat-fink or just ‘rat’ while the Neocons and the Christofascists are calling for blood.

    The tiny amount of put-up-with-ness that they had while they were sinking the ship evaporated when we didn’t flock to Palin because she’s supposed to be ‘hot’.(and she can see Russia from her kitchen window, don’t you know)


  4. Ingraham is just one among several so-called “conservative” media personalities *coughcoughCoultergeist&Malkincoughcough* who depend on their commercial attractiveness for their audience, and mistake bitchiness for intelligent political discourse.

    I’d say this comment costs her her credibility, but she never had any to lose in the first place.

    – M. \”/


  5. It’s funny that Ingraham takes ad hominem swipes at McCain, and then blames her when some of the people to call foul happen to be on the opposite side of the political aisle! Ha! She should be more concerned about the fact that her criticism, or satire, or whatever she wants to call it, is steeped in a deep-rooted sexism that she should not want to have turned back on her, given that she is, I think, less attractive than Meghan, and is a gaunt, sickly, straw-headed ghoul (incidentally, criticizing women for being too thin was brought up in Meghan’s response to Ingraham, shedding light on a bit of a double-standard by reflecting upon statements about her mother looking anorexic. Fun.)


  6. Incidentally, I do not listen to or watch right-wing media ranters. I also do not listen to or watch left-wing media ranters (are there any?). I do not watch speeches by politicians, whether I favor them or disfavor them? Why? Am I trying to avoid input? No, I am trying to avoid empty words.

    Actions, baby, actions.


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