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A Sun Mountain Award for Dale at Faith in Honest Doubt

sun-mountain-200x120-number-015-faith-in-honest-doubt Dale’s blog — Faith in Honest Doubt — is hands down among the most engaging blogs I’ve come across on the net.

Near as I can figure, the blog’s strength comes from at least three sources.  First, Dale’s style of  writing is excellent — so good it will possess your soul, if you have one.  Next, Dale seems to have an eye for fascinating things to write about, and some of his topics are rare finds.  Last, Dale’s analysis of his topics is sharp, almost always insightful and sometimes brilliant.   Given that trinity of strengths, I believe that, if Dale had written the Bible, I would be a Christian.

sun-mountain-award-200x200-number-015-faith-in-honest-doubt2 If you are inclined to give Dale’s blog a try, here are two recent posts you might want to start with.  “Failed Dividing Lines” is a brief take on the news media in America, while “The US is Still Not a Christian Nation” is a compact, but I think persuasive, argument against Dominionist propaganda.  Both posts got me to thinking.

To show my appreciation for Dale’s work, I am inflicting on him the Sun Mountain Award for Outstanding Blogging.  As I once explained, the Award is named after Tavakiev Mountain, which translates as “Sun Mountain”:

Sun Mountain, which peaks at over 14,000 feet (4301 meters), was so named because it is the first mountain along the Front Range of the Rockies to catch the sun each morning. So, as an outstanding mountain, I decided it fitting to name an award for outstanding blogging after it.

Thank you, Dale, for your hard work in creating an outstanding blog.

6 thoughts on “A Sun Mountain Award for Dale at Faith in Honest Doubt”

  1. Dale will make you think, crinkle your nose, and question the accepted norm. Thanks for bringin attention to this engaging blog.


  2. “…Not a Christian Nation” in particular was such a succinct presentation of the facts (on a subject that seems to arise with depressing regularity in my experience) that I bookmarked it.

    Thanks, Paul.

    And thank you, Dale.

    – M. \”/


  3. Thanks, Ed! I miss the photo too. At first, I tried to use the framework of my old blog to get what I wanted, but I couldn’t make the old blog’s framework do what I needed. So I switched from that, which was the Cutline theme, to this Jentri theme. Unfortunately, Jentri doesn’t allow an image in the masthead. Bummer.


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