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Compromising Between Browsers

I’ve trying to make this blog look good in three different browsers — a task that I’ve found is by no means easy.   The browsers are Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Safari.  If anyone is having problems viewing this blog please let me know.  Also please let me know what browser you’re using.  Thanks!

13 thoughts on “Compromising Between Browsers”

  1. Paul, I tried your blog in latest versions of FF, Safari and Opera for Mac without any errors and acceptable rendering. It gets messy in IE/Mac, but dont worry, we Apple people don’t use those Microsoft products but to make fun of them. 😉


  2. I’m using Firefox – I’m not sure which version – the column of links and recent posts appears at the bottom rather than as a sidebar. Not sure if that’s what you intended or not.

    – M. \”/


  3. @ Final Transit: Thank you so much for the work you’ve done, Priyank! I very much appreciate it!

    @ Twoblueday: Thank you for the feedback! I was wondering how the blog showed up in Chrome.

    @ Meowlin: Dang! I thought I had Firefox covered. I’m running Firefox 3.0.7 on Windows XP and the sidebar is on the side — right where I want it. After hearing from you, I tweaked the blog’s CSS code just a bit: about as much as I can tweak it without throwing it off in another browser. Is it any better now on your end?


  4. Tested with the following:

    – WinXP – IE8 RC1, Opera 9.64
    – Win7 Beta – IE8 RC1, Opera 9.64, Safari 4 Beta
    – Linux Mint 6 – Opera 9.64, Firefox 3.0.7

    Looks perfectly fine in all. I’ve emailed you screenshots if they can be of any help.

    IMHO, your sidebar takes up too much real estate on the screen, while not having any item that justifies its width. If it can be narrowed, your main posts (the ‘meat’) will have a wider area resulting in reduced vertical scroll. At present, your blog is the longest vertically scrolling blog I visit.

    Or, to put it in other words, your blog runs deep – real deep! 🙂


  5. yo, since I am the self proclaimed aesthetics guy, here’s a suggestion for the alternating colors in your comments section. I think the blue color doesnt match with your theme. Try substituting it with something subtler, such as #e5e0e0 for example (for fun you may even leave it #ffffff.) cheers 🙂

    The sidebar will fall down below your posts if the screen size of the user is less than 1024×768. This is because both your ‘content’ and ‘sidebar’ have fixed width and they will want to retain it. A work around is to specify fluid width (using percentages). Statistically, 15-20% users worldwide have screen size 1024×768 and less. In the older demographic, it rises to 25%. Screen size of non-techie folks in US is higher than their European counterparts, so many considerations…. 🙂


  6. Paul, I remembered you mentioning that the original reason for changing the theme was to have a wider content area. How much is the minimum you need? Currently you have specified 635px in the css file. If that’s your minimum, AND you want the site deigned to support 1024×768 with the current margins, your sidebar cannot be greater than 190px (currently it is 220.) Space can be conserved by trimming (upto 80px) the margins as you have probably figured! 🙂


  7. Paul: “I tweaked the blog’s CSS code just a bit: about as much as I can tweak it without throwing it off in another browser. Is it any better now on your end?”

    Yep, that did the trick for me.

    – M. \”/


  8. @ Final Transit: Yeah, I knew the blue didn’t really work, but I was trying to get away with it anyway because it’s so pretty. Guess I got caught! 😀 I’m giving #E5E0E0 a try now. Looks better!

    I just woke up and have a busy day so I’m going to need some time for the rest. Thank you for being so immensely helpful!!!


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