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I Indulge in a Bit of Whining…Again

Blogging can be frustrating because posts seldom come out as well as I think they should.  It’s enough to drive a strong man to excessive chocolate consumption.

Blogging is a different kind of writing for me.  Normally, I would write and re-write something.  I would experct real improvements to come with the second and third writing.  But, since I try to come up with fresh posts most days, I usually don’t have much opportunity to re-write my blog posts.  Usually, it’s once through and I’m done.  Consequently, my blog posts seem to me more like drafts than finished works.

Sometimes I wonder how to improve things, but mostly I just eat chocolate and try to forget.

7 thoughts on “I Indulge in a Bit of Whining…Again”

  1. But on the other hand, precisely because of this, your posts have a certain freshness to them, like a conversation where people can never edit what they say.

    Given that we’re all in this Cafe with our favorite beverages to enjoy conversation, your writing style is quite suited to your blog. Of course, that’s just my opinion.


  2. Speaking of chocolate. My doctor asked me to stop eating them. 😦

    I’m glad i’m here again to read your blog and i like the new look. 😉


  3. I have also noticed that my blog posts, and comments, suffer from, if nothing else, efforts to be brief (so maybe somebody will actually read it). On top of that, I often read them later and find I didn’t really make the point I was trying to make.


  4. Blogging can definitely be frustrating. For me, it’s mainly because many times, I can’t think of anything to write about. Other times, it’s because after I publish a post and then go back after a couple of days to read it, it always seems so much stupider than it had seemed when I wrote it. 😦

    I like your blog though, so I don’t think you need to be worried. 🙂 And anyway, if nothing, it’s always a good excuse to eat chocolate. 😀


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