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A Late Night Thought on Learning

The names of things take but a moment to learn, yet learning the relationships between things can take a lifetime.  Oddly enough, many of us lose interest in a thing once we have a name for it.

9 thoughts on “A Late Night Thought on Learning”

  1. I had an evidence professor who liked to say “The beginning of wisdom is calling things by their right name.” It sounded pithy at the time, but now I think of it as twaddle.

    Names are arbitrary words assigned to things. They serve a role in communication, but not much else.


  2. A name takes away the mystery from something. By naming it we claim it, as sorts, as being something that is ours. We can then use the name of the thing to explain other things even though we do not understand the thing itself.

    For example Gravity, no one is really sure how it works or what it really is but by calling it gravity it makes us feel comfortable with it.

    In a sense I feel lots of words are just place holders.


  3. Naming is really short-hand categorization, yet unstated are many aspects of the thing or phenomena named which require attention and awareness in order to truly understand the complex nature.
    Take the word ‘cloud’. it has many possible characteristics, each one specific to particulars of circumstance. But the word cloud often merely suggests a simple symbol in the mind, not the rich variety of extant clouds. G


  4. This seems like a perfect opportunity to call for a return to the correct spelling of “lose”. It is not surprising that the relationships between things can be difficult to learn when we have become so “loose” with our definitions and our spelling.

    Or maybe I should just “losen up”.


  5. What happens when we give a name to the relationship between the things? That’s what concepts are all about isn’t it?

    My gratitude to Brad. The rising number of blogs who seem to be ‘loosing’ it is alarming!


  6. A-ha there, Brad and Mahindra!
    And Paul, in your latest post since you were ‘Loosing’ it again, I had to tell you to stop doing that and ‘Lose’ it for a change! 🙂

    your post reminds me of some strange business concepts that are abbreviated to 3 letters.

    Colleague A: “Ah, so we could try ABC!”
    Colleague B: “Umm… what is ABC”
    Colleague A: “Activity Based Costing”
    Colleague B: “Oh!”

    I am sure the world will not come to an end if one knew or not knew, one implemented or not implemented the concept of ABC! And well, I am quite sure that the world will not end if one called it XYZ!

    – Phoenix


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