Jesse, My Neighbor’s Dog, Died Yesterday

Jessie, my neighbor’s German Shepard, died yesterday morning after being hit by a car.

She had escaped from the backyard the day before, in the evening, and seems to have spent the whole night roaming the town.  Apparently, she was on her way back home when she was hit while crossing a busy intersection.

Jessie was a gentle and intelligent dog.  She prefered not to be petted, but she was mischievous and loved to be chased.  She also liked to play fetch, and whenever she could, she would bring her ball to me, drop it at my feet, and look at me expectantly until I would throw it for her.

She was a good catcher and could grab a ball on the first bounce even at night in the darkness of the backyard.

My neighbor got Jesse as a weeks old puppy while he and his wife were still married.  His wife routinely raised her voice to Jesse and routinely cursed her in angry tones.  But after my neighbor’s wife left him, Jesse underwent a noticeable change — she calmed down, became less skittish, and much more playful.  It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say it seemed like she opened up and became more herself.

I will miss her.

3 thoughts on “Jesse, My Neighbor’s Dog, Died Yesterday”

  1. What a shame. Our lives are enriched by the cross species friendship we build in this life. I remember and love each and every furry friend who has blessed me with their companionship over the past 60 some years. Jesse is in my prayers tonight. My condolences to you and her master.


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