A Reasonable Assessment?

Foreigners who are only slightly familiar with American politics often think it is dominated by idiots and criminals.  That’s to say, they are in profound agreement with most Americans.

14 thoughts on “A Reasonable Assessment?”

  1. As a foreigner here is my opinion on American politics tell me how accurate it is:

    Politics is very polarised in America with the two party system. You have an extreme right party, Republicans and a more left centralist party, Democrats. On the whole Americans is rather conservative and religious in comparison to European Country’s and this is reflected in the politics.


  2. And since you are so proud of your democracy we can backtrack that thought to say something about Americans in general? Or representative democracy in a capitalist country in general?


  3. Criminals maybe, but idiots, I am not so sure.Politicians all over the world are more or less the same so why single out the American politicians alone.
    Bush seemed to be an idiot but I was impressed by his smile when shoes were hurled at him in Iraq. There are few people who can smile in that situation.


  4. You can easily change the word Americans to Indians and it will work. 🙂 By the way I read your April Fools Joke and had a good chuckle! 😀


  5. Nita: “You can easily change the word Americans to Indians and it will work.”

    Please – Native Subcontinentals.

    – M. \”0


  6. I would expand that to idiots, criminals and hypocrites. On the other hand, since the last two groups overlap greatly, perhaps it’s a distinction without a difference.


  7. @ Prerna: Good point! I didn’t mean to single out American politicians alone. I also agree there are few people — even most politicians — who utterly lack any redeeming qualities.

    @ Nita: I very strongly suspect politicians around the world — and not just in America and India — are pretty much the same in some striking ways — perhaps in being idiots and criminals. 😀

    I’m glad you enjoyed my April Fool’s joke!


  8. I will say as a correspondent for PBS News Hour that both houses on the Hill are trying all their best. According to the demagoguery, they are egotistically inclined to support the party of position to the up-most exacerbated potential. They may want to push for something that they may claim their own to have a “legacy”, however, they do push hardly for what they want to achieve; may it be profitable to one or another.

    I cover politics on my site, http://www.devontekwatson.tk and feel free to drop a comment. I am posting my latest article featured on News Hour

    -Devont’e K. Watson


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