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My Change of Diet Fails to Impress my Friend

Lately, I’ve changed my diet.  I’ve cut out most processed food and grains, and I am instead eating plenty of fresh fruits, vegetables, and the occasional modest portion of meat.  To make sure I’m getting all the key nutrients, though, I’ve started taking daily dietary supplements — multivitamins, omega 3 fish oil, beer, and chocolate.  So I’ve been pretty proud of myself.  And the other day, I proudly rattled off the ingredients of my new diet to Don.  But when I got to the beer and chocolate, he stopped me and said,  “I’ve always thought you had good ideas.  That’s why even after all these years I’m still patiently waiting to hear one.”

10 thoughts on “My Change of Diet Fails to Impress my Friend”

  1. That sounds like a great diet! I’m trying to cut down on processed foods myself. And why would you cut down on something as healthy and time-tested as beer?


  2. Now that is the kind of diet that would entice me to change from my current eating habits. And I see that you have been at your blogging best lately – I am sure the diet contributed to it in no less measure. I have been having difficulty thinking _ am sure a diet change is just what I need. Am off to the supermarket right away – do you think 5 l of beer and a pound of chocolate should do the trick?


  3. Five liters of beer and a pound of chocolate might be cutting it pretty close to the bone, Usha — especially the chocolate! Best to purchase an emergency reserve, too! You never know when you’ll need more nutrients.


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