I Need Some Advice on What Precautions to Take

I’m worried my big toe is going to start hurting this morning.  So, I’ve put some ointment on it and I’ve wrapped it in a bandage.  But that hasn’t helped one bit, because  I’m still worried it’s going to start hurting.

I was feeling just fine earlier this morning.  Then, for no reason at all, I got to thinking about my big toe.  At first, I thought about how good it’s been to me.  I mean, my big toe hasn’t hurt in so long I can’t remember when was the last time it was hurting.

No sooner did I think about that, though, than I realized that, logically speaking,  it’s long overdue to start hurting.  And the more I’ve thought about it this morning, the more convinced I’ve become that it must be going to start hurting today.  It’s time for it to start, you see.

So, I’ve taken precautions by putting some anti-bacterial ointment on it — since I don’t have any other kind of ointment — and wrapping it up good in a bandage.

But it hasn’t actually started hurting yet, and so I’ve begun to worry it might never start, and that I’ll be awake all night waiting for it to start.  So, what do I do now?  Should I put another bandage on it?  Would that help?

4 thoughts on “I Need Some Advice on What Precautions to Take”

  1. I’d recommend scoring some antipsychotic drugs and taking them for a while until your concern about your toe goes away.


  2. Yes, but it’s all ‘in the cards’ isn’t it twoblueday?

    I asked the Queen of Hearts and ‘she say’, “Off with its HEAD!”

    I personally think that Paul and his toe need some reconciliation therapy.

    It’s quick, easy, and entails nothing more than sending me a three easy payments of $333.33 plus shipping and handling.

    “How can you do this so cheaply?”, I can hear you thinking.

    Volume, volume, volume!


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