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A Late Night Thought on Happiness and Pleasure

So very often we think we are pursuing happiness when instead we are pursuing pleasure.

3 thoughts on “A Late Night Thought on Happiness and Pleasure”

  1. Is there a difference?

    Well, let me be a bit less obtuse. I don’t believe they inherently have to be different things, too often, they are.


  2. @ Twoblueday: I think the two are sometimes closely related, but distinct. I would be curious to know whether they used the same neural pathways in the brain. I suspect there might be some differences, although I don’t really know. This is something I want to look into.


  3. What would you say the difference was qualitatively? I understand that sensory pleasure might be a clear cut case, but what about the pleasure derived in reading a book or good conversation? How would you differentiate that with happiness?

    Is it in terms of time frames?


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