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A Late Night Thought on Backsliding

It seems to me it is ineffective to try to change ourselves through praising or condemning our thoughts, feelings, or behavior.  Whatever changes that method might bring about appear to be temporary.  We always backslide when we adopt that method.

7 thoughts on “A Late Night Thought on Backsliding”

  1. Rene beat me to it. But, yeah, it takes repetition to build in a new habit, and, for me at least, that works better as a focus than thinking about breaking the old habit.


  2. yep, building a new habit is generally a more pleasant experience than breaking an old one. You automatically find yourself in a positive mindset. There is still stress when you fail or don’t make progress, but people tend to hold an inordinate and destructive amount of guilt when they think they have to break out of a bad character trait.


  3. I think backsliding is just a reset,
    allows us to stand further back while ponder on our next move.

    I’ll admit adapting to methods requires perseverance.
    Routines are hard to get out of.
    But I think us humans are to the point that if we find something tedious, we wouldn’t want to do it. in other words, we’re turning lazy.

    Routines aren’t impossible to get out from, but the methods of getting out ain’t easy too!

    Anyway maybe religion? I think it’s a good medium of relief.



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