Wish Me Luck!

It’s past two in the morning yet I’m still awake — far too excited to sleep — because I’m close, so very close, to folding a successful “paper” airplane out of a no-cholesterol, whole wheat, burrito-size tortilla.  Quite possibly, I am the first person ever to think of doing so, which would mean I am about to realize my life-long ambition of becoming a true pioneer of flight.

Earlier tonight, my first three efforts failed to achieve aerodynamic lift because I was hungry and ate them before they could be tested.  Yet, now, this fourth time around, I scent victory.

I believe the trick is to create a rigid frame from multiple paper clips over which to stretch the otherwise floppy tortilla.  I briefly considered using wooden toothpicks for the frame, but then I reckoned the wood might be a fire hazard.   Better to go with trusty steel, I’ve decided.

I am already envisioning a future when the paper airplanes of the world will be replaced by whole fleets of folded tortillas, when my family and friends will at last recognize my stunning genius, and when the makers of salsas will seek me out for lucrative product endorsements.

Wish me luck!

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