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WOW! What a Trip!

In mid-April, I gave up smoking a pipe.

Since then, I haven’t had much motivation to write.   But I think that’s changing now.   At this point I feel like I’ll be back to blogging in about a week.   I might be wrong about that, but that’s how I feel.

By the way, my efforts to give up smoking a pipe have been rather successful.  I have not touched tobacco since mid-April.

11 thoughts on “WOW! What a Trip!”

  1. Congratulations Paul!

    Back in college I lived near a great tobacconist in East Tennessee, and constantly smoked a pipe. Moved to Illinois, there was no good shop in town and I wound up quitting. But that’s a real smoke; I never understood cigarette smokers.


  2. I used to smoke a pipe. I stopped 41 years ago when my wife became pregnant and quit her cigarettes, I just could not puff smoke before her. I had 15 pipes, still have them, smoked one day each and then carefully cleaned and put to rest for two weeks.
    After a good lunch or during a friendly chat I still would smoke a pipe of Mixture 79…but i’m holding fast. So don’t flinch.
    I came to your blog through a contributor to sixtyfivewhatnow and I liked what I read. So keep it up.
    Paul Costopoulos


  3. I have always loved to smell pipe tobacco but hate cigarette smoke. I especially loved the cherry scented tobacco. Never did smoke a pipe though. Congratulations on the tobacco stoppage. I worked in the tobacco fields as a teenager and have never missed those days at all!


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