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One of Life’s Lessons

It’s very late at night here, and when it’s late at night, I sometimes like to tell stories. So, please allow me to tell you one….

I have been married and divorced twice. I married my first wife because of her looks — she was stunningly beautiful and could make the whole room go quiet when she entered.

I married my second wife for her brains. She had an astronomical IQ and did complex mathematics in her head without needing to write anything down or use a calculator.

In both cases, I married wrong.

It seems to me now that kindness is far more important to a happy relationship than either brains or beauty. But I was too young to understand that back in the days when I had a tendency to marry people.

Neither of my wives was kind.

5 thoughts on “One of Life’s Lessons”

  1. I married for the twinkle in her eye. The beauty and the brains are a bonus. The twinkle was the clincher.
    Kindness is important too.


  2. About looks my experience is that when you love somebody you always find him or her beautiful. What others think about him or her doesn’t really matter. If you are married to a stunningly good looking person you might feel insecure at times which could be a negative in my opinion.


  3. I can understand marrying for things and somehow glossing over kindness. I lived with a girlfriend once, about a decade ago whom wasn’t kind. Thank goodness we didn’t get married. I remember feeling so alone when I was with her. I didn’t know people in the area and she didn’t have my best interest on her mind. It was a great experience and I remember thinking how important kindness and a giving heart was. I got the opposite in my current relationship though 🙂


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