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Neda Agha Sultan

Her name is variously given as Neda Soltani, Neda Sultan, Neda Agha Soltan, and Neda Agha Sultan.

She was murdered by the government of Iran during a peaceful protest.

She was not the first to be murdered.  She will not be the last.  But she has come to symbolize all the rest.

Can a government that resorts to murdering its citizens be legitimate?

9 thoughts on “Neda Agha Sultan”

  1. Unfortunately quite a few governments have done it before, even some state governments in the US. Problem is totalitarian societies, and Iran is one though disguised as a democratic theocracy, those governments can not be punished by being voted out of office. In our societies, they can and the officials responsible for giving the orders are usually fired or resign. Don’t expect the ayatollahs to do that.
    She joins the victims of Tiananmen, Ohio State University, the “Communards” in France in 1851 and countless others everywhere, martyrs of our stupidity and hunger for power.


  2. Agha was/is a title given to rulers or chieftains in that part of the world. I wonder if it was added to give her death more power or meaning. I do hope she and others like her have not died in vain.


  3. She is one of the victims of the barbaric, dictator, and Islamic fundamentalist regime in Iran. We as Iranian should be proud of our resistant heritage and militant people who has fought for peace and justice for several hundred years. Neda is a recent symbol of thousand of inocent, educated, intellectual people who lost their lives for human rights and justice in Iran.

    Iranian regime’s brutal agents killed her on the street this time while they executed more than one hundred thousands in the prisons. They claim that they didn’t kill her but what is their claim for thousands of executions.

    It is time to be proud of our people in Iran and help them by all means instead of washing off clerical regime brutalities.


  4. @ Maria Behzad: Welcome to the blog! Thank you for putting her death in perspective!

    @ Mikemawords: There are very few things more outrageous than the murder of someone to keep a corrupt regime in power.


  5. Ask the United States government and Vicky Weaver or Esequiel Hernandez. Both victims of the U.S. government covered under the grounds of “Rules of Engagement”.


  6. I was so moved by this tragedy and what it seemed to symbolize that I wrote a song dedicated to Neda:
    Youtube: “One Lost Vote”

    Best Wishes to Iranians all over the world


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