6 thoughts on “CIA Report: Israel Will Fall Within 20 Years

  1. I think the foreign passport stats are a huge exaggeration–a blatant lie, really– given how extremely difficult it is for foreigners to get at least an American passport and how many foreigners, Israelis included, have to leave the country the second their student visas are up even when they want to stay. Like we just give away passports to all applicants! Ha!


  2. Israel stands on very shaky grounds. Big brother USA is bound to get tired of being always put on the brink and it’s population, the younger ones will get fed up with war and so called defensive actions. From within, the Israeli Arabs and the Ultra Orthodox Jews grow in number. One sect of Orthodox Jews negates the right of Israel to exist since it was not set up by the Messiah.
    Despite it’s military might and prowess if Israel does not come to terms with it’s socio-political enviromment it may well be doomed indeed. I only pray that it will not lead to another exodus or massacre.


  3. Israel stands the breach between the West and the Muslim (for example) nations.

    The country’s around them fear Israel for very good reason. Followers of Islam have their extremists willing to die for oblique causes. But, Israel will throw their entire population behind their objectives. The US needs Israel right where it is.

    T. Rex


  4. [quote]Is there really a CIA report predicting that Israel will fall within 20 years? Or is the rumor of one just some kind of scam?[/quote]
    If you know the truth, we will have to kill you. 🙂


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