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Krishnamurti on Belief in God

“Your belief in God is merely an escape from your monotonous, stupid and cruel life.”

Jiddu Krishnamurti

The full quote and context can be found by clicking on the above link.

11 thoughts on “Krishnamurti on Belief in God”

  1. I’ve read that dissertation a few times.

    It’s circular thinking.

    But, it also strikes me that this Jiddu Krishnamurti fellow is saying, without meaning to, that God is so BIG that we can’t comprehend Him or what He does. If that is the case, it’s fair and reasonable. Or, I’m reading into his words my own beliefs. I’m trying to be fair, reasonable and open-minded.

    What Krisnamurti says reads like we should be open-minded and seeking. Questions are always good and healthy.

    Krishnamurti also seems to be saying there would be no evil or warfare, for example, if actually God existed. The existence of evil supposes , then there is no God.

    I’d offer that this is where God’s gift of discernment could come into play. Man represents the potential for good and evil. God might represent an ideal. The definition of that ideal is obviously different for many people. Look at John Hagee’s position relative to Hitler and the Jews (and Hagee received a humanitarian award from Israeli leaders). Irony abounds.

    In any event, I’m okay assuming God is big and we’re something of an experiment in the form of a petri-dish. Belief in a higher power may have been formed as we realize our deepest fears around only fading to black at the very end of our existence.

    But, that’s okay – right? This gives us something to reach for. An ideal with which to hold ourselves accountable against.



  2. I think a lot of religion stems from fear. Not just being scared into it necessarily, but fears of life, things that happen during and after. So it makes sense to me religion was created thousands of years ago before there was something called science that could explain things and better reasoning skills.


  3. @ Webs: I think Krishnamurti would agree with you that a lot of religion stems from fear.

    @ Paul Costopoulos: Agreed. But even if there is deity, we can still inquire about the the value of belief in deity.


  4. Acknowledging Paul Sunstone:

    His writing or messaging certainly requires great effort to follow. If this is part of his intent, the ingenuity is to be admired. On the other hand, if he is trying to facilitate efforts to have his audience stretch for comprehension by asking more and more questions, I’ll appreciate and admire that as well. But, I’m not clear what he believes in, if anything (other than, possibly free association) at all. Perhaps with Krishnamurti, thinking is believing?

    Acknowledging Webs:

    Perhaps religions is a bridge over uncertainty. A baring point if you will.

    Acknowledging Paul Costopoulos:

    That parrabel-driven leap of faith. And/ or, a conviction that some things are too BIG for us to comprehend until we see them, finally. There is a man here in Alpharetta named Durwood Snead that is a mighty Christian champion. He might qualify as an apologist. But, he is also a very good businessman and terrific father. So, he has that life hat-trick thing going. But, in his urbane way, I can see Durwood saying:

    “Why worry about it until you have to? God and what He understands are probably way beyond our comprehension. We might have a lot to look forward to. Pick a way of life and follow it without regret. Things will all sort themselves out in the end. Then, maybe you will understand; and, possibly not”.



  5. @ Cork: I think it might be easier to understand Krishnamurti if you recognize that he does not so much believe things as he attempts to report what he sees. I think you are approaching him in the expectation that he will arrive at his positions solely via reason, while in fact — if he is to be believed — he arrives at his positions predominantly via observation. He is not trying to get people to think — he is trying to get them to observe.


  6. Well… Sometimes it makes sense to shut up and listen (and/ or watch). That’s certainly how we, in part, learn.

    So, that might be a reasonable position to take.

    Verily, I’ll thank you for the clarification, and assume a position of observation, going forward.



  7. On Krishnamurti may I recommend and old french magazie “Planète Plus,19 décembre 1970”. The magazine is long since defunct but perhaps in used book stores or on the Net this particular number may possibly be found. I have it on my bookshelves.


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