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The “Sick Puppies” of the Right

George H.W. Bush is the former president who once declared, “…I don’t know that atheists should be considered as citizens, nor should they be considered patriots. This is one nation under God.”

His remark was so out of line that several on the Right felt obligated to deny he made it.  (But believing what the Right says — without independent evidence in support of it — takes a remarkable  leap of faith these days; and, so far as I know, Bush himself has not denied he made the remark.)

Given his track record, it really shouldn’t surprise anyone that Bush seems to think Rachel Maddow and Keith Olbermann are on the same level as various Right wing pundits.  That is, he recently referred to Maddow and Olbermann as “sick puppies” — just as if the two were the liberal equivalent of Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck.

To be sure, Maddow and Olbermann are editorial journalists who not only report facts but also give their opinions about the facts they report.  Limbaugh and Beck would love to be considered on the same level as them, for it would increase their credibility.  But neither Limbaugh nor Beck take nearly the same care with the facts as do Maddow and Olbermann.  The two sides might be equally opinionated, but one side usually checks its facts much more honestly than the other.

When people like George Bush imply or state that there is an equivalence between Left and Right in this country, they are living in the past.  What they say might once have been true.  But with the rise of such cynics as Rush Limbaugh, and such cynical organizations as WorldNetDaily and FOX News, the current Right has become quantitatively less reliable as a source of fact than the current Left.

At least that’s how I see it.  Someday, the pendulum will swing again and it will be the Left who is the least trustworthy.  But for now, I believe anyone who thinks, like George Bush,  that Rachel Maddow is as unreliable as Glenn Beck has not been paying attention.  Certainly not been paying attention.

7 thoughts on “The “Sick Puppies” of the Right”

  1. Not paying attention? What planet are you from?

    Please give examples where Beck or Rush don’t give facts? Good luck with that. But while your at it, maybe you should also rethink your opinion on levels of the media. From evidence we can see that Rush and Beck both have had numerous best selling books. Rush has dominated the Air waves and made more money in a year than maddow has her life. Beck isn’t as accomplished as rush but his audience currently doubles maddow and olby combined. That is from Nielson ratings.

    Now of course they are both from different sides the difference is what both sides put out. Beck recently has brought us Van Jones and the ACORM scandals. Maddow and olby still are nightly blaming bush and repubs for whatever problem is in the news that day.


  2. @ Timmy: Since when did popularity guarantee quality, Timmy? McDonald’s is the most popular hamburger out there, but only a Birther would confuse it with the highest quality hamburger. Please get back to me the day Nielson ratings guarantee someone is telling the truth.


  3. Paul, I wouldn’t waste your time. Pure troll and nothing good will come from a conversation with him. You will be frustrated and he will be laughing behind a monitor eating cheetos.


  4. Hmm. Typical tactics by non-engaging liberals. I have seen time and time again, leftists will say its not worth my time, or i dont want to talk to someone like you. Its very deep, and thank you both for letting me know just how well versed both of you are.

    @ the writer,
    This is ridiculously weak. Let me preface by saying that i am no stooge of Rush or Beck, i wouldnt even consider myself fans as i do not listen to or watch either of them. Rush can be pompous sometimes and Beck can be kooky. But at least they will take challenges and debates. Though neither do as much as i would like to, their tiny amount of analysis and debate is lightyears away from Olby and Maddows, who NEVER, EVER do.

    Its pretty sad that you can honestly think Olby and Maddow are more fair minded, more rational, and more factually based. Can you not feel the smug hateful arrogance exuded by Olberman, the mocking, the tasteless jokes, the smearing? I hate defending Rush, but at least his opinions are closer to our founders, and he obviously does stand for individual liberty as opposed to the state.
    What was done to him this past week is bordering on the criminal, news outlets smearing a citizen for comments he didnt make, rationalizing that it is somehow okay to work to remove someones livelihood if you disagree with their opinions… wtf.
    I cant speak for some of the stupid comments good ole GW made, but at least he stood for what he believed in and didnt engage in devisive baby politics trying to stonewall a whole news organization. Its a scary thing that Obama and his admin are trying to vilify and demonize the most popular news channel on tv. Their comments on this subject are so blantantly non researched and our out of step with avg americans. But then again, so are you.


  5. @ MacGregor: In the first place, no matter how privileged you think you are, son, the world doesn’t owe you the entertainment of a debate. In the second place, Webs called it right when he called you a troll — only a troll would go and spout off where they are not wanted. In the third place, your side has earned a reputation for lying. Last, under Bush, you guys screwed up a great country — nobody gives a damn about your opinions anymore. You have not earned the right to debate here.


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