A Change of Styles?

“Single Ladies ( put a ring on it)” — a very popular video by Beyoncé.   There’s a lot that can be said about the video.  But one thing that strikes me is the bodies of the dancers — including Beyoncé.  They are not anorexic.  And who could suppose that women who were not anorexic would sell a video to 77 million viewers?

9 thoughts on “A Change of Styles?”

  1. If all that is media were committed to revised thought leadership and replacing all images of skinny or athletic people with those chubby, would we start to find fat attractive?

    If Tom Cruise were replaced by John Goodman, and Angelina Jolie by a Hairspray – era Rikki Lake, would we begin to fancy flab? John Goodman’s a much better actor than Tom Cruise (by way of opinion). However, it’s unlikely Mr. Goodman could have fit in the cockpit of an F-14 as well as the enigmatic Mr. Cruise, while creating a hit in movie like Top Gun. So… I suppose movie plotlines would have to be adapted to accommodate the new regime, as well.

    Just food for thought (sorry, pun intended).



  2. If this anorexic mania comes to an end we’ll have happier women (and happier men.)

    As for Cork’s observation, I think media are two-way, both reflecting and influencing inclinations.

    77 million viewers? Let us hope this is a sign women with some flesh are considered attractive again. I’ve read in South Africa the situation is especially serious: young girls going to live in towns from villages have a lot of eating disorders, since the village female beauty pattern is generally that of the chubby woman, while in big towns it is quite the contrary. Too big a leap.


  3. Acknowledging Man of Roma:

    We certainly might have more secure daughters, as a community.

    My thirteen year old is athletic, so this has helped her appreciate strength and fitness. But, I see too many of her peers overly influenced by “prettiness” and a media-driven sense of the ideal.



  4. Thank you zeuswatching.

    I’ve been an athlete in my own right most of my life. And, I don’t eat a lot. So, at 49 I’m trimmer and fitter than most (notably more fit than most generation “Y”). Leaner people, are generally, more fit and appear to have less ailments as they age.

    I bring all of that to the forefront because I actually think the younger generations have the right idea, but the wrong execution. I’m sorry to generalize so much… But, the diet is very sugar and (bad kind) carbohydrate-focused. So, when they do it eat, it’s poor nutrition. On top of this, many of the girls starve themselves (never mind anorexia – that’s another topic altogether).

    What we see too often now is youth wanting that lean and fit look without the work. So, they eat the wrong foods and fail to exercise intelligently. This has a dangerous effect on their ability to think clearly, and in a sustained fashion throughout the day. Call id ADD and ADHD, but it likely comes down to a comprehensive balance between reality, desire, intelligence (preparation) and fitness.

    As fit and healthy as my daughter is, she still worries about her nose!

    Here’s an eye-opener… On Facebook you can alter your image and the “quality” of the pictures. We are seeing girls reflecting what they want everyone to think, as opposed to what they are. Maybe this is why more pre-teens are also getting plastic surgery.



  5. When I watched that video I was surprised too about their shapes. Most people are overweight, but I can’t really say that they were overweight. They just looked curvy.


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