Bob Herbert on Howard Zinn

“Our tendency is to give these true American heroes short shrift, just as we gave Howard Zinn short shrift. In the nitwit era that we’re living through now, it’s fashionable, for example, to bad-mouth labor unions and feminists even as workers throughout the land are treated like so much trash and the culture is so riddled with sexism that most people don’t even notice it. (There’s a restaurant chain called “Hooters,” for crying out loud.)”

“I always wondered why Howard Zinn was considered a radical. (He called himself a radical.) He was an unbelievably decent man who felt obliged to challenge injustice and unfairness wherever he found it. What was so radical about believing that workers should get a fair shake on the job, that corporations have too much power over our lives and much too much influence with the government, that wars are so murderously destructive that alternatives to warfare should be found, that blacks and other racial and ethnic minorities should have the same rights as whites, that the interests of powerful political leaders and corporate elites are not the same as those of ordinary people who are struggling from week to week to make ends meet?”

Bob Herbert on Howard Zinn

Zinn had so much energy and he was doing so much for people, even into his late 80s. 

On a side note, I’m getting to like this guy, Herbert.  He’s one of the few professional commentators or pundits who has something to say that’s valuable apart from whatever value it has as entertainment.

2 thoughts on “Bob Herbert on Howard Zinn”

  1. I’ve enjoyed reading Bob Herbert for a long time. Thing is, he used to seem a like a sort of moderate kind of Democratic type guy. Now days he sounds radical, like the guy he’s writing about. Guess he’s worked for the NYT too long to be dropped without some kind of fuss.


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