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Why is That?

Earlier today, I went downtown for the first time in above a year.  Everywhere, there were little changes.

The hobby shop newly stuccoed their storefront.   The used bookstore  introduced shelves of little nick-knacks that weren’t sold the last time I’d been in.  The coffee shop laid a new carpet.  All those little changes were for some reason reassuring — as if they signified that things had not gone into decay over the past year.  Life thrives.

I sat at a table outside the wine and coffee bar to watch the traffic go by.  But more importantly, to watch my mind watch the traffic go by.  For some reason — and I’ve never figured this out — I find it easier to watch my mind in a somewhat busy environment than in a perfectly quiet and still environment.  I don’t know why that is.

Given me busy sunlight dancing on the lake’s waves, or — as today — a busy streetscape, and I will often enough find myself freshly aware of what my mind is doing.  But give me a perfectly quiet room, and the same degree of awareness is most likely lost.  Why is that?

The weather was beautiful today.

6 thoughts on “Why is That?”

  1. Quietness gives the mind more freedom to move around, where a busy environment forces it to be contained in a smaller space, buffered from the noise? I dunno, but I notice I do that too…


  2. This is a beautiful piece.
    You have six paragraphs in your posting. You have asked a question in the fifth.
    Firstly, I appreciate the 2nd where you take a parental check on the life around you and approve 🙂
    The last one says the weather is beautiful.
    In my mind I have given an answer to your question too.


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