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Nine American Myths

Bill Quigley has an interesting fact-check on nine common myths about the US.

5 thoughts on “Nine American Myths”

  1. Like Paul Costopoulos, I have printed it too. It provides me good information of what is happening in the minds of many Americans.



    By the way, I have bought Krishnamurti’s Notebook, unfortunately in Italian, not in English.


  2. Paul, I’m glad you found it useful. Thanks for mentioning that.

    MoR, Krishnamurti’s Notebook would not be my first choice for an introduction to him, but I think you will nevertheless be glad you bought it — especially with your eye and ear for literature. One thing that has occured to me is that Krishnamurti and you have in common that you are both very much multi-cultural people, very much cosmopolitans.


  3. @Paul Sunstone

    Ah Paul, altho it is an honour a person like you compares me a tiny bit with Krishnamurti’s multi-culturalism, you make me feel a mosquito. Rome you know, where I spent most of my life, though universal in some way, is sooo parochial.

    I was attracted by K’s Notebook, so I bought it. This ‘process’ he had, was just a headache I guess.


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